Photoshoot in Oaxaca

Get a unique memory of your days in Oaxaca with a professional, private, and personalized photoshoot (Para español de clic aquí).

Let’s walk around the city to take photos at the most emblematic and colorful places in the city and capture unique moments that will become the best memory of your stay.

If you haven’t got a photoshoot before, no problem, I’ll be guiding you with the poses so you can feel confident and comfortable. We will do a great job together.

I have two packages for you to choose from:

Frank Coronado

Frank Coronado has 23 years of experience in the world of photography and has collaborated with national and international magazines such as Nat Geo Traveler, Esquire and Vogue Mexico and Latin America. Click here to learn more about him and his work.

fotos de amigas en Oaxaca
sesion de fotos en oaxaca
  • The photo shoot can be individual, for families, couples, or a group of friends. Either for personal use, social media, or for commercial use.
Pareja del mismo sexo en oaxaca
pareja besandose en oaxaca

Package A:

  • 1-hour photoshoot through various locations in the Historic Center of Oaxaca.
  • You’ll get by mail 30 digital photographs with color correction in high resolution.
  • Delivery time: 7 business days.

Price: USD$150

fotos de amigos en oaxaca
sesion de fotos a persona en silla de ruedas
Amaranta ruiz en Oaxaca
fotos de pareja en oaxaca
entrega de anillo en oaxaca
sesion fotografica para quinceañeros

Package B:

  • 2-hour photoshoot through various locations in the Historic Center of Oaxaca.
  • You’ll get by mail 60 digital photographs with color correction in high resolution.
  • Delivery time: 10 business days.

Price: USD$270

retratos en la ciudad de Oaxaca
novios besandose
sesion fotografica para mujeres

10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Photoshoot

  1. You will create a pleasant memory of your trip to Oaxaca.
  2. It is a good gift, even a nice surprise.
  3. Time flies and it is well worth treasuring photographic memories.
  4. The photos can be part of the decoration of your house.
  5. Taking a session helps boost your self-esteem.
  6. Because it is not essential to know how to pose (I will guide you).
  7. Strengthen the bond with your partner, friends or family.
  8. Any age is ideal to have new photos of yourself.
  9. An opportunity to bring out your best smile and feel special.
  10. Because you deserve it and it’s worth it.
retratos en oaxaca
sesion de fotos de cumpleaños
Sesion fotografia de amigas en oaxaca


How do I book?

Send me and email to to check availability.

Payment Methods

Payment must be made by bank transfer for the total up to 48 hours before the day of the session in order to book your photoshoot.

Payment can also be made via PayPal (6% commission must be added).

Can I get express delivery?

I can deliver your photos in within 24 hrs. The additional cost is 20%.

For a one hour photoshoot with express delivery it’s USD$1174

Two hour photoshoot with express delivery it’s USD$306

What to expect during the photoshoot

The photoshoots begin in the atrium of the Temple of Santo Domingo, then we’ll walk through different areas with filled with history, interesting architecture and lots of color to take unique, fun and creative photos.

If you have an idea of something you want, tell me what do you have in mind so we can create the best memories of your visit to Oaxaca.

Even when the session takes place at the Historic Center of Oaxaca, there are places such as the Ethnobotanical Garden and the Museum of Cultures that we will not access due to a special permit is required.

Can I cancel an already paid photoshoot?

In case of canceling 48 hours before, a 100% refund is made.

In less than 48 hours, only 50% is refunded for cancellation.

PayPal refunds will be made without the 6% commission.

What's the best hour for a photoshoot?

I always recommend early in the morning as there are fewer people and less heat.

Can I have a photoshoot outside the city?

The photoshoots were planned to be done only within the City of Oaxaca.

Is it suitable for people with disabilities?

Yes. The photoshoot takes place downtown the city, which is adapted with ramps and makes it easier for people on wheelchairs.

Can you help me getting some props?

What I can do is recommend you where you can get what you are looking for (cake, flowers, traditional dress, bicycle, etc…).

Can I get a photoshoot in a private event?

At the moment I am not covering social events, only photoshoots of 1 or 2 hours.

What happens if there is bad weather?

In case it is raining we’ll wait half an hour, if it won’t stop we’ll have to reschedule at different time or another day if necessary.

If it is cloudy, the session cannot be canceled or postponed, on the contrary, we will take advantage of the fact that the light is soft and we’ll take very good photos, you will see.

Can I extend my session to two hours on the same day?

Yes you can! If you booked the one hour photoshoot and that same day you want to extend it and make it a two hours photoshoot, you can pay the difference in cash at the end of the session.

Can I pay for a two-hour photoshoot and split it over two days?

The two-hour photoshoot must be held on the same day continuously.

Can I change my outfit during the session?

If during the photoshoot you want to change your outfit, my recommendation is to wear sports clothes underneath to make it easier since there is not always a place available.

I also suggest wearing solid colored clothing without any big logos or brand names. Using neutral colors helps to stand out more in the color of the city’s facades or else wear dark colors or black.

If you have any other question, email me to

Type of photoshoots:

mujer con anillo de compromiso
novios en Oaxaca
familia de vacaciones en oaxaca
  • Family album
  •  Celebrate a milestone
  • Memories of your vacations
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Social Media
  • Content for bloggers
  • Save the date
sesiones fotograficas en oaxaca
retrato de mujer de piel morena
foto saltando
sesion fotografica en oaxaca
sesiones fotograficas en Oaxaca
fotos en Oaxaca


Muy buena atención de parte de Frank. Puntual, paciente y flexible. Me gusto mucho que las fotos fueron en distintos escenarios del Centro de Oaxaca.

– Denisse Rodríguez, Los Horcones Sonora México 🇲🇽

¡Mil gracias! Ya recibimos las fotos y están padrísimas! Sobre todo que refleja lo que nos divertimos y nos reímos durante la sesión. Gracias por ayudarnos a conservar el recuerdo de este viaje inolvidable para nosotras.

– Eugenia Rodríguez, Hermosillo Sonora México 🇲🇽

Estuvimos de vacaciones por Oaxaca y Tuvimos la oportunidad de tener una sesión con Frank.

Nos citó temprano en Santo Domingo y comenzaron las fotos en distintos lugares cercanos ahí. Es increíble como él conoce los mejores spots y posiciones para tener, sin duda, las mejores fotos en ese bonito lugar.

Nos entendió Perfecto la idea que teníamos de la sesión, nada cursi y algo que se viera natural, pero a la vez muy divertida.

No hubo foto que no nos gustara, incluso él nos sugirió algunas posiciones y el resultado fue genial. Sin duda nos llevamos un gran recuerdo del viaje y el conocer a una persona profesional y muy agradable como Frank, lo cual sin duda, facilita que la sesión haya sido una experiencia para recordar.

– Gerardo y Mariana. León, Guanajuato México 🇲🇽

Me encantó la sesión que nos hizo Frank, gran trabajo y profesionalismo.

Muy puntual, nos dio tips para vernos mejor y nos llevó a locaciones muy lindas que no hubiéramos conocido sin él.

Eramos un grupo de 9 amigas y usamos dos cambios de ropa, nos tuvo mucho paciencia y aparte nos divertimos.

Quedamos muy contentas con sus fotos y de haberlo elegido para tener este bello recuerdo de nuestro viaje a Oaxaca.

Super recomendado.

– Flor Quevedo, McAllen Texas 🇺🇸

retrato con reflejo en un charco de agua