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It’s time to travel!



During my trip to Vancouver with some friends I had the opportunity to do many things, some of them I had no idea that I could do. I mean, I didn’t know that Vancouver has so many things to see and do, it really surprised me. I know that most people imagine spending time in this city during winter, but once it’s summer, the city offers cool stuff to do. So this is a list of ten experiences you should live in this modern and multicultural city. I bet you are going to like them.


10 Experiences you should live in Vancover:


1. Enjoy the beaches


las mejores playas de vancouver


Beaches here are low swell so they are appropriate for the whole family, especially during summer when there are festivals around them, it’s a great point of reunion. Some of them also have  volleyball courts, parks or even some kiosks to buy something to bring with you. If you have to pick one, choose from Kitsilano beach, Wreck beach, Jericho beach or English Bay beach just to mention a few from a large list.


2. Practice a sport


deportes en vancouver canada


The infrastructure is enviable, you can paddle, run, cycle, play tennis and many other sports, you name it. There are quite a lot of parks where you can practice your favorite sport in a reliable and secure way.


3. Go shopping



I recommend going  to Robson Street, Main Street and Alberni Street where  you’ll find a large number of brands and even souvenir shops. In case you need to  pause to have something to eat, there are many cafes and restaurants in the area. Do you want to know where did I go? I went to a famous Chinese store called T&T Supermarket, the experience is so worth it. There you will see a huge selection of products from that country, you’ll have fun there too. Another place that is a must is Granville Island, a place where you can find a market, galleries, pastries and many more things. You need to go and tell me what you bought there.


4. Admire nature


vancouver experiences


puente colgante en vancouver


Vancouver sunsets are beautiful and you can spot them at the beaches or parks. Another place to be in touch with nature and not far from the city, just 20 minutes driving, is Capilano Suspension Bridge, they also have a free shuttle service from downtown. Stanley Park is definitely another must in Vancouver, and one of the most visited attractions, it’s like an oasis in the city and offers a lot of things to do. Cycling there is a good idea, consider it. If you have a chance to visit Grouse Mountain, do it, as from there you can get a  fantastic view of the City.Did I mention that there’s a zip line?


5. Visit the museums


vancouver museums


This city has museums for all kinds of interests, from the Vancouver Art Gallery, Science World, Anthropology Museum, the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver museum to the Maritime and also the Police Museum. Which ones would you choose?.


6. Try new flavors


comida japonesa en vancoiver


que hacer en vancouver canada


Vancouver is a multicultural city with one of the largest ethnic diversity in the world,  its Asian population offers you an opportunity to try different flavors from South Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand just to mention some of them, The gastronomic options are quite rich. My suggestions would be Taishoken Ramen, Peaceful Restaurant (ask for the Dan Dan noodle) and Bao Bei. A guilty pleasure would be the poutine from Fritz European Fry House.  That’s french fries with gravy and cheese, and totally delicious. Try them and tell me what do you think. Another recommendation is to find a Pure Bread shop. I’m pretty sure you’ll get something even if you just went inside to take a look, wanna bet? I just got hungry.


7. Search for urban art


que hacer en verano en vancouver


que ver en vancouver


The Vancouver Mural Festival is an annual free public event,  an impressive creative display with very talented artists, that takes place in Mount Pleasant, close to Main Street.  Give yourself the opportunity to walk around that area and discover as many murals as you can. Their website offers an interactive map that will definitely help you. If you walk or cycle the downtown area you’ll find some sculptures made by local and foreign artists as well.


8. Test some beers


cervecerias de vancouver



We finally made it to one of my favorites, so pay attention here. The brewing scene in Vancouver has been growing so quickly in the last ten years. There are so many breweries that you can do a whole day tour of just this. If you decide to go and explore some of them, here are my suggestions: 33 Acres, Faculty Brewing Company, Red Truck Beer Company and Brewhall. Some serve food as well. Remember to drink responsibly so you can visit many of them.


9. Get to know its history



historia de vancouver


vancouver historic buildings


You need to visit Gastown, Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood with historical buildings that nowadays are stores, bars and restaurants. Don’t miss the steam clock and take a photo there. Another important site for historic references is the Museum of Anthropology at UBC.


10. Have a getaway


que visitar en canada
que hacer en victoria canada


Make sure you have time in your itinerary for a short trip close to Vancouver. One good option is going to Whistler.  It’s located an hour and a half away but I know it will take you longer because there are many things on the road that will make you stop and enjoy the view. This place offers a lot of things to do, not only in winter but in summer as well.

Another perfect getaway would be to Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city, a beautiful place with Victorian style houses that are well preserved. One of the main attractions is its Parliament Building. You need to see it during the day and illuminated at night. Would you like to go whale watching? It’s the perfect place to go during the summer. I did my trip with Eagle Wing Tours and I highly recommend it.


Are these reasons enough for you to plan a trip to Vancity? I hope you plan a trip soon so you can eyewitness all these things that I mentioned and live this incredible experience between the city and nature, the perfect combination. You’ll love it.


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