What makes Kerala unique?

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What makes Kerala unique?

I must confess that I didn’t know much about Kerala before this trip, it was until a friend of mine went and I started to see some of her photos and understood that it’s quite different from the rest of India, that’s basically why I wanted to write and share this article about 10 things that make Kerala unique.


amanecer en kerala
paisajes de la india

Let’s begin this list with the beautiful and fresh zone up the hill in Munnar where most of the landscape is covered with abundant tea plantations that looks like a huge green maze surrounded by 3 rivers, the bushes are kept with this high so it can be easier to collect the leaves. This area is not that hot and is great for hiking and biking.

2. Beaches

playas de kerala
playas de la india

There are a lot of beautiful beaches along the Malabar Coast surrounded by a lot of coconut trees that makes these scenarios so great and unique, a perfect place to enjoy the Arabian Sea.

3. Food

comer en la india con las manos
que se come en la india
We all know the richness of the Indian food and Kerala plays an important role on this, there’s a huge variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes made with some of the most common ingredients of the area like rice, mustard, cardamom, chili and coconut. Something you must try definitely is Sadhya (means banquet in Malayalam), this meal is basically 24 to 26 dishes served on a banana leaf where rice is the main ingredient and must be mixed with the rest of the food, to eat it you must use your right hand, also the soups are served on your hand so make sure you make a perfect scoop shape to eat it well, there’s no silverware neither napkins. That’s a so worth experience to try.

4. Dances

danzas tipicas de kerala
que visitar en kerala
Kerala Tourism / Jinson Abraham

Kerala has a huge number of artistic expressions and perhaps it is Kathakali the famous and art form in the whole region where performers plays folk legends and spiritual ideas from Hindu epics with facial gestures and footwork, all this to express different ideas or feelings, the costumes are quite elaborate and even the makeup is very distinctive (it take almost an hour to paint their faces).

5. Backwaters

que hacer en la india
que hacer en kerala

These are a chain of lagoons and channels that are parallel to the Arabian Sea, you can actually navigate them on a houseboat (kettuvallam) this network connects different villages and gives you the opportunity to know more about their daily life, some people are fishing, some other are crossing it on a small boats or just refreshing having a dip in it. Through these channels, people used to transport rice but with time and infrastructure, they stopped giving it this usage so now those boats got modified to start offering these fantastic rides. Look carefully, locals will be gladly waving at you.

6. Flora and fauna

flores de la india
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Once we are there we shouldn’t let the opportunity to get in contact with nature to pass by. Take a hike on the field and discover their popular spices (cardamom, pepper, cinnamon) or into their forest and sanctuaries to eyewitness the diversity of Kerala.

7. Landscapes

parques naturales en la india
kerala india

During all the expedition we had the chance to visit all different kind of places like beaches, lakes, forest, and hill, all of there are just beautiful and peaceful.

8. Music

viaje a kerala
tradiciones ne la india

There are music schools in Kerala where even the young attend and help to keep these cultural traditions alive, horns and drums are the most used instruments during their dances and celebrations.

9. People

turismo en kerala
que hace unica a kerala

In my first blog post I decided to talk about them, It was such a pleasure to be in contact with amazing people, they are so friendly, kind and very smiley, all that was very important for me and made me have a very pleasant journey in India, trust me I was not the only one who had that same feeling about it.

10. Ayurveda

que hay en kerala
Kerala Tourism
medicina ayurveda
Kerala Tourism

This is a historic and traditional medicine system with its roots in Kerala and it’s believed that its origins are from 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. It is based on the theory that illness is the natural result of life in harmony with the environment and states that we must keep our body clean and pure.

Check out this video to know more about Kerala:

Accomodation in Kerala

These are two more hotels that we really enjoy while we visited Kerala:

Greenwoods Resort

Hotel en Thekkady
hotel en kerala

The  Greenwoods resort surrounded by huge trees.

Tea County Munnar


hotel en Munnar
hoteles en kerala

On top of a hill there’s the hotel Tea County Munnar.

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